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This is not a get rich scheme, it needs time and effort, once you get hold of it, you can earn a lot of money from SMS Gateways System. Our Team would also guide you if any help is required.

Benefits of the Product That you would be selling

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SMS Gateways System provides Income + Extra Benefits.

  • Get 20% Commission on Every Sale you make.
  • Get 10% Commission on Re-sale of the existing customers, so if the existing customer uses the system for the next year, you would be paid for it as well.
  • Extra Bonuses would be paid for performances.

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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. What does SMSGateways system do?

It helps the user to send sms to his/her existing customer base.
It send the sms directly from the user's phone.

​​2. What customer receives with the system?

Many things, He Receives the SMS Gateway App(Custom Built) & Complete access to the SMSGateways System & Free Unlimited Updates.

3What is the Benefit to the person buying it?

Compared to around 22% with email, SMS messages get around a whooping 98% opened rate,  which means you can get more eyes on your marketing messages.

4How should i promote this product?

You should use social media, Email marketing and Facebook Marketing, etc.

Above are one of the mediums to make a sale.

5. Benefit you get by selling this product?

You Receive 20% commission on every sale.
You Receive 10% Commission on Re-sale of the existing customers.
Extra Bonuses are paid for your performances.

6. How can the product be purchased by my

It's very simple to purchase. Send him your Product Url link, He could use it to make the payment.

7. How do you charge for SMS sending?

SMSGateways System does not charge any additional fees for sending. The charges would be your mobile operate sms rate charge.

8. Can customer import a list of phone numbers?

Yes they can import their customers' phone numbers to the list.

9Does it work on Mac or PC?

Yes it does, SMSGateways is a web application, which means it can be accessed by any computer or device with an internet connection and web browser.

10Does your customer need to buy it, today?

Of course not, however SMSGateways System is running a limited time promotion currently, which means your customer would get it at a discounted plan significantly.

SMSGateways System reserve the right to increase these plan after the initial charter period is over.

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