Effective Date: 1st January, 2018


SMS Gateways has a zero-tolerance policy for SMS/text message spam. Subscribers to SMS messages have to have decided into as well as allowed to receive your SMS broadcasts and also autoresponder series.

SMS Gateways’s Interpretation of SMS Spam
Any type of undesirable SMS message is spam. No discussions will be participated in. If the recipient hasen’t explicitly asked for as well as especially provided consent to obtain your message you can not message them.

Report Abuse To SMS Gateways
To report any offenses or misuse consisting of anything you regard to be an unacceptable usage the SMS Gateways solution, please contact us at Every abuse report is taken very seriously as well as will certainly cause immediate termination of the wrongdoers account if discovered to be in infraction of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Report SMS Spam To SMS Gateways
Please record spam violations, misuse or improper use SMS Gateways immediately through our get in touch with email. SMS Gateways takes every abuse record seriously and will instantly terminate SMS projects that are found to be in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Eliminate Yourself From A SMS Gateways SMS Campaign
If you not desire to get SMS messages from a person utilizing the SMS Gateways you could promptly, conveniently and completely opt-out of SMS messages from any SMS project (for all future messages). This is done by sending the word STOP to the short code you’re receiving messages from. If you need extra assistance unsubscribing from an SMS project, please call SMS Gateways.

SMS Gateways’s SMS Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement
SMS Gateways has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to SMS spam. If we presume that an SMS campaign remains in infraction of our Anti-Spam Policy, we will end that campaign promptly.

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