Campaign Marketing!


Type in your message, Select Your User Base and Schedule the Time To Activate Your Campaign,

That's it, It's so simple and easy to create your own campaign.

Why create your own campaign?

To get more sales and leads, creating your own effective campaign are the perfect solution.

Save Money

Stop paying for others creating sms campaigns for you as costly not much effective. Our SMS Marketing Machine helps you to create your own campaign and saves your money.

​Focus on Results

Campaign allows you to accomplish one task at a time with more possibility to get results as compared to other ways of marketing.

Get Repetitive Customers

With Campaign Marketing, you can acquire repetitive customers  & nurture them with automation. Send latest updates to sell more products.

Import all your customer data in one place

Just Copy Paste your User base on the template file provided, Once Done, Upload the File.

Your User Base is uploaded successfully, which you could send latest updates about your product/events.

Send Perfectly Timed and Targeted messages

Remind your customer/clients about their appointment or about an event you have organized.

So that you could gain more attendance and chances of missing an appointment would be reduced.

Automate Schedules to convert more sales and increase your revenue.

Group Customers Into Categories

Categorize your customers, to understand them better.

Regular Customers: Send them Latest Offers + Deals
VIP Customers: Send them Products above Rs.20,000+

Staff: Send them about staff discounts.

Categorizing your customers would help you to gain more profit in the long & short run.

Request a Live Demo

One-On-One Live Demo and Expert Consulting on how SMS Campaign Marketing Features can help you convert more customers